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Day 2

"America runs on Dunkin" is a funny slogan to me. I don't think many people running around are eating at Dunkin Donuts. I tried this morning while walking on the way to class and burnt my hand when my coffee came splashing out. Who knows what would have happened had I tried to run.

Anyway, day 2 had us learning about segues (pronounced seg-ways). A segue is what happens when you hit a button or something on an app and another screen slides over to replace what you see. That's an easy way of explaining it. They're transitions. Nearly every app you have on your phone probably has at least one segue.

The code challenge had us try to build a simple Mad Libs app that lets the user enter a name, adjective, verb, and place. It then takes what the user entered and places it into a sentence that it displays at the end. After messing around with trying to round the edges of my buttons, so far I've ended up with this. Also, yes I know the gif quality is poor and that it stops on "enter verb." I promise it's fully functional. Photoshop has a 500 frame gif limit. Just learned that. Knowledge is power.

I'm still working on displaying the text in a more pleasing way, but that's it for today. 

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