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CoreBluetooth and SpriteKit

We've spent the past week fleshing out our app. What does it accomplish? What does it look like? How do we want to the user to interact with it? How should it flow? Once we answered those questions, we started building. Our goal is to help the user meet new people more easily at events and meet ups. By allowing the user to see short bits of info about others in the room (like hometown, hobbies, occupation, etc..), it gives them a good starting point for conversation and will tone down the awkwardness of talking to strangers that happens so often at these gatherings. You can also play a mini-game that makes the user talk to the other players, helping them remember their name. For now, we're calling the app Break the Ice.

We're using CoreBluetooth and SpriteKit, and working with both of these frameworks has been challenging and rewarding. Multipeer connectivity with bluetooth is the core of the app. If that doesn't work, you can't see others info and you can't play the mini-game either. Mick and Cameron have been digging into Bluetooth and getting that working, and they've been killing it. I jumped into SpriteKit and started building scenes and sprites for the game. Towards the end of the week, we met in the middle and started adding sprites to a waiting room whenever someone new wants to play. Once everyone is ready to start playing, you enter into the game and try to break through the ice of a frozen lake to get to the fish. The game characters are a bear, a penguin, an eskimo, and a fisherman.

Here's an eskimo test sprite that I put together for testing. Built in Illustrator, animated in After Effects and rendered as PNG sequences. Saved in an .atlas folder and brought into Xcode.  Pretty straightforward.

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