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Bridging Headers in Swift

This past week we dug into Swift, Apple's new programming language. It's similar to Objective-C in many ways, but also very different. I want to spend more time learning Swift as I see it being more widely used over the coming years. It's still less than 2 years old, so there are frequent updates to it's syntax, but as it matures I can see it taking off. I'm glad to be on the front end of something so new.

We broke up into teams and spent this past week building our own version of Instagram from scratch. We used Parse for our backend to store our users and their photos, which made it very easy to save and load our data without storing anything on the phone. After working for 4 days with Mick and Cameron, we demo'd our app, PikCha, yesterday afternoon. 

I had a great time getting to create the logo and icon for the app. There are still some things I'd like to fix and customize visually, like creating something custom for 'PikCha' instead of using Wisdom Script, but I was proud of our team and how much we accomplished over the 4 days. We can add new users, create a profile, take pictures, like pictures, and search for other users and hashtags.

After demo's, we then pitched our ideas for our final project that we will work on for the final 3 weeks. After a whopping 43 app ideas thrown out, we miraculously narrowed it down to 3 and broke up into teams of 3. Teaming up with Mick and Cameron again, we are going to build an ice breaker app to be used at meet-ups and other gatherings. If things go according to plan, it will incorporate CoreBluetooth and SpriteKit. The posts from this point on will mostly be about us learning the frameworks and the process of building our app to present at the end of the month.

Also, I've grown a development beard.

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