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Instagram API

We've finally started covering how to save data to your phone, which I hadn't realized until I saw the schedule for the week. The bulk of the topics we're covering are devoted to persistence, which is a technical term for saving data. So if you close the app, things you did earlier won't be deleted when it shuts down. We dug into the Instagram API and made an app that lets you search for photos, favorite them, and save them to your phone.

If you're curious what an API looks like, here's a snippet from

So, you dig through the API info and grab what information you want, then send it back to your view to be displayed. That call to the Meetup API to get event info looks something like this...

We also learned more about structuring our projects following the MVC design pattern, or Model-View-Controller. So we have more files now, but those files are smaller and the data gathering is done by the Model objects.  So you go from huge View Controller files to small ones, letting it take care of what the user sees.

We're covering Core Data today and tomorrow, so I'll have more updates on saving data this week.

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