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Awkward Penguin

We did it! We submitted our app, Awkward Penguin, to the app store and it's now available to download:

We all know how it feels to enter a room and not know anyone. For some of us, the first thing we do is reach for our phones to make ourselves look busy so we don't look helpless while everyone else mingles. We built Awkward Penguin to make the phone a device to bring people together instead of making it an excuse to not interact with others.

Awkward Penguin allows you to attend or create your own event. After creating your profile and entering short facts about yourself, you can see what you have in common with others at an event, giving you a good starting point for a conversation. You can also invite others to play a mini-game called "Break the Ice". Using SpriteKit and Multipeer Connectivity, you play as characters trying to break through the ice of a frozen lake to reach the fish below. 

We used Crashlytics to distribute our app for testing and to get reports on where our crashes were happening, and set up continuous integration to check our pushes to GitHub. It was a great team effort, a fast 2.5 weeks, and a wonderful experience building this app.

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