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Day 1

I'm just wrapping up my first day at Mobile Makers Academy in Chicago. After making the short walk to the program, meeting my cohort members and instructors, we jumped right into coding. Teaching is structured so your laptops are closed while the instructor covers a concept or topic for that day and you follow along while listening, taking notes, and asking questions. Then after covering the topic, you open up your computers and work on implementing that concept yourself.

I'm really looking forward to more teaching like this. Video tutorials are great, but since I'm such a visual learner, sometimes I get caught up in the video and just end up copying code without really thinking about what I'm typing. Of course my app works when I'm just copying from a video. So making us see it, think about it, and then do it ourselves is really valuable.

Once afternoon hit, it was time for a code challenge. The challenge was built upon the teaching from earlier that morning, but more challenging. We broke up into groups and started to build a small calculator with a slider. Each group shared one computer and took 20 minute turns writing code, while the other members talked through what code should come next. If we encountered a problem, AND WE DID, we talked through it and eventually worked it out. 

We built a simple calculator with a slider which you can see below. I'll try and post gifs of them as I go through the cohort. Sorry, my screen recording of the iPhone Simulator wasn't spot on, so the numbers got clipped a little.

This is more than I thought I'd be able to handle on the first day, so I'm excited to see what's next.


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